Nothing Beats A Good Sunday Roast

I grew up in a southern European family and house, with some exceptions, and my parents would make some delicious food growing up. They still do, but it’s less so now as they slow down because of age and their kids have moved out so they’re empty nesters now.

Once in a while you come across something that is just so glorious that you can not stop craving it. For me it is an English roast with Yorkshire pudding.

I was first introduced to this glorious dish through my wife’s parents at family dinners and/or for holiday meals. And there’s so much of it to love!

Roasted meat. Check. Roasted potatoes. Check. Ok, I’m kinda meh on the vegetables, but it all works. Then the main event – the Yorkshire pudding and gravy. Bring on the food coma!


Name a better Sunday or any day meal. Go ahead…I will wait.

A 2012 UK poll asked what the British most adore about Britain and listed Sunday roasts second, only behind a bacon sandwich. Maybe nothing can beat bacon but if this dish is the second-most popular among British people then it has some serious cred. Cue the Homer drool gif again.

I think part of why I love this meal is because it reminds me of so many roasts and family dinners growing up, and the warm memories I have from the time spent with family. I love comfort food and carb-filled foods which this meal brings to the table in spades.

I wanted to share one of my favourite meals. Even in the dead of summer, with the humidity warnings and sweltering heat, I still crave an English roast once-in-a-while. I do not know when my next roast meal will be but I am already looking forward to it.

What is your favourite meal? Tell me what would beat a Sunday roast below in the comments section.

One Comment on “Nothing Beats A Good Sunday Roast

  1. I’d add that a good trifle for dessert takes a Sunday roast from so-so to so perfect!

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