Back to School Dread

I always dreaded the first day of school each year. I don’t know how or where that came about but it was a date on the calendar I did not enjoy. I looked forward to seeing friends again and learning about new and different things, but I think I dreaded that first day back for a few reasons:

Summer is Over!

Here in Ontario, and especially in Toronto, one of the yearly rights-of-passage is attending the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) at the end of August. It was a dread to see the CNE come around but the start of the school year really meant summer was over. No child wants summer to end.

Winter is Coming

To quote Game of Thrones, the start of the school year meant “winter is coming!” and who wants to deal with the snow and cold weather? Especially walking in this weather, or taking public transit, it is miserable for any adult and child.


No one likes to do homework. My system of getting through it was to do it as soon as I got home so I could get it done and out of the way and enjoy the rest of my evening. But even then, knowing there was a year full of homework ahead of me was not something I usually looked forward to. As I got older, this changed greatly especially as the homework changed and I wrote more essays and did other work beyond the basics you do at a young age.


It meant getting back into a routine, at least until I was old enough to stay at home, that I did not really enjoy – early mornings, going to the babysitter’s house, waiting to be picked up, etc. I can only imagine how my parents felt about it all, but it was a tough routine growing up. I can still remember taking hourly Brampton Transit buses in the 1980s with my mom and sister, and you did not want to miss a bus or else it meant walking home.

Did you enjoy or dread the first day of school? Tell me below in the comments.

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