Discover Port Perry

About a 90-minute drive from Toronto is the Township of Scugog and the Town of Port Perry. My in-laws live in Port Perry and I had never been up there before they moved to town. This small town is a gem in Ontario and worth the drive to visit and spend a day.

I am lucky, I have visited and stayed over a few times now, so I have had the chance to take in some of the sights and sounds of Port Perry. But, for the uninitiated, here is what spending a day in Port Perry could look like.

Breakfast at Hank’s Pastries

Depending on how early you come, or if you have stayed the night, go get breakfast at Hank’s Pastries. If you plan on walking and spending a day in Port Perry, load up on a hearty breakfast here. After you finish breakfast, grab a snack for the road. You could opt for their famous apple fritters that are the size of a small child’s head, and they are delicious. They have tarts and cookies, breads, and so much more.

Walk Up and Down Queen Street

Queen Street is Port Perry’s Main Street and there are a lot of shops and restaurants to explore. It is easy to walk and it leads to the waterfront and marina. Some places I would recommend stopping by include the Framer’s Gallery, The Wee Tartan Shop, Marwan’s Bistro, Palmer Park, the Perfect Scoop and much more. One place I am dying to try is the Port Cheese Company.

Walk the Waterfront

On a hot summer day, the waterfront is the place to be. Spend some time walking the waterfront path along the marina. Sit, eat lunch and watch boats and planes go by. If you spend some time in Palmer Park, another great spot to sit is by the gazebo or on the benches along the water and watch life go by. This is also a good place to walk a dog and you will see many doing the same.

Head Out to the Old Flame Brewery

If you fancy a pint of craft beer, the Old Flame Brewery is the place in town to go to quench your thirst. There is live music on the weekends and in the summer the enclosed patio is opened so you can enjoy your pint in the sun. There are plenty of beers to choose from too. I have had the red, blonde (my favourite) and brunette beers, and they are all great. Check out Old Flame when you are in town.

Visit the Great Blue Heron Casino

This is not for everyone, but if you need a break from the outdoors for a few hours, drive up to the Great Blue Heron Casino on Scugog Island. Have some fun by spending a bit of money and contributing to the local economy through slots and card table games. If you are hungry, you could have dinner here or you could travel back into town for a great meal.

Visit the Port Perry Smokehouse

If you want great BBQ food, come to the Smokehouse. Wear stretchy pants in advance of your visit because you will need it. In the handful of meals I have had here, I have come away absolutely full but never disappointed. Choose from ribs, pulled pork, burgers…anything you have will come in a large quantity and it is made really well. The cornbread that comes with the meals is amazing. My suggestion would be to get the “can’t decide platter” so you can try a bit of everything. Your stretchy pants will come in handy after finishing this meal.

This is what one possible day could look like if you come up to Port Perry. Do some research in advance, the town has a lot to offer visitors and is a great place to spend a day.

Have you visited Port Perry and have a favourite place to visit? Let me know in the comments below.

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