I am lucky that I get to do what I do. Working in public relations has been a wonderful experience over the past 12 years and I would not trade it in for anything. However, if you ask me about my dream job I would tell you that I have a few. I bring this up because many people enjoy building on what has been done already and tinkering around the edges. I… Read More

I’m watching the show Outlander with my wife. Without sharing too much, one of the main characters is able to travel back in time about 200 years to 18th Century Scotland and England. As I keep watching the show, and I have had this discussion with my wife, if I could go back in time where would I go? In some cases I am picking specific events to watch and in other cases… Read More

the road ahead

I remember when I was growing up taking a weird interest in viewing press conferences. Mind you, these were mainly sports-related, unless there was some other “big news.” I must have watched hours and hours of Maple Leafs, Raptors, Blue Jays, etc. conferences for trades, signings, coaches and GMs hired – you name it – for as long as I can remember – and then watching the analysis on TSN, and the… Read More